Atasa Resort


Well equipped with all the necessary amenities, our rooms and tents are sophisticatedly organised and arranged. Our rooms are neatly constructed facing the humongous lawn (play area), where our guests can either play games like volley ball, cricket, football, etc. or sit and relax enjoying the cool evening breeze.


We have 14 elegant cottages surrounded by lush green trees and scenic hills and mountains. Out of these 14 cottages, there are two super-deluxe rooms which have one small swimming pool in common. Every cottage has a high luxury and deluxe standard, thanks to our regular housekeeping services.

An Exceptional Stay Experience Awaits you...


Our tents are specially designed for young travellers and explorers who are keen to unfold the beauty of nature in a thrilling and secure, yet comforting manner. Tents are well equipped with air conditioners, televisions, toilets, sufficient lights and comfortable beds. Each tent comes with a lock and key, so that you, your belongings and privacy is always safe.


The verandas and peaceful walkways inculcate a feeling of liveliness and adventure. All accommodation as well as the facility area is surrounded by natural, scenic beauty.

Atasa Resort is a place where you can simply loosen your tie, take a deep breath and enjoy the lovely, natural environment with contentment and peace. The entire resort is designed in a way that our guests always feel euphoric and relaxed within the premises. Outside every room and tent, we have chairs and tables arranged systematically, so that you can enjoy the colourful evening with your family or friends.

Various adventure activities are arranged for all the adventure freaks. A big swimming pool located close to the riverbed is outlined to pacify your heart, mind and body with contentment.